Working with Spot Colours

At Paper Colour we are pleased to work with Spot Colours for a number of our products, such as the popular Spot Colour (Pantone) Business Cards we sell. But, what exactly does it mean to work with spot colours?

In the UK, the standard reference guide to spot colour work is Pantone. This method entails mixing ready-made ink in order to produce a particular colour. You can think of it as mixing paint, but obviously with much greater precision. This is why Pantone Spot Colours are so popular, they provide unbeatable accuracy and reliability.

Spot colours are thus particularly advisable when printing logos and producing products for branding, as the colours are easily reproducible. You can also create colours that you wouldn’t be able to when using the CMYK approach. Optimum levels of professionalism are also achieved thanks to colour consistency.

It is not hard to see why the leading printing companies, such as Paper Colour, elect to work with spot colours when producing premium quality products for our customers. If you want to impress with precise, beautiful and eye-catching colours, search on our website today or get in touch with Paper Colour to discuss your exact requirements.

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