Letterpress Printing is Back

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You read the title right, letterpress printing is back! Letterpress printing was one of the earliest methods of printing invented and revolutionized the world. This printing method uses movable block types and ink to press images and letters onto paper. Basically, blocks are made with letters or other shapes on it and dipped into ink. Paper is then pressed onto the block.

For a long time newspapers were printed using letterpress printing. So too were most books and just about everything else. In order to utilize letterpress printing a professional typesetter would have to create the template that would then be dipped in ink and used to print. This method probably seems a bit complicated, but it was certainly easier then writing everything by hand! And just think, before printing was invented that's exactly what people had to do!

When it comes to mass production, letterpress used to be the most efficient method available. Over the last few decades, however, digital printers and other newer technologies have largely replaced letterpress printing. In many ways, newer printing methods and techniques do provide many conveniences and can be more efficient.

The Benefits Of Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing, however, can create very unique and create interesting designs. These days, just about everything is printed up digitally, and while such printing methods can be very effective and produce high quality prints, sometimes it's nice to do things a bit differently.

Letterpress printing can be used to create a very high quality and unique piece of printed art. Letterpress printers use only the highest quality paper and inks, so anything you have printed using this method will surely stand out. It will both be beautiful to look at and feel good in your hands.

Letterpress printing has become very popular for formal occasions, such as for printing up invitations to weddings, a graduation party, or a baby shower. These events mark very special times in our lives, and using a special printing method to create really unique and high quality invitations can make the whole experience more memorable.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a good letterpress printer, but luckily this printing method is making a come back. More and more people are appreciating the method's beautiful results, and niche printers are continually expanding their offerings and capabilities.

So if you want to make an event truly memorable, consider some high quality letterpress printed invitations or something else. In a sense, you'll be reliving history by using one of the oldest and most highly regarded methods for printing. At the very least, you'll be crafting truly unique, high-quality materials.

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