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Our Coated Ivory Finish Letterheads impress from the moment you see them! They boast a beautiful gloss finish, creating a luxurious and upmarket vibe, which everyone wants associated with their company. It also really helps to bring out the vibrancy of the colours in your logo, which is great for branding purposes. It is not all about the visual benefits either. Our Coated Ivory Finish Letterheads are exceptionally practical. Their coated finish ensures that they are resistant to the affects of wear, moisture and dirt.

At Paper Colour we appreciate how pivotal letterheads are to your company’s image. If your letterheads are of a poor quality and do not look professional, people are going to form the same opinion of your company as a whole. This is why we only sell premium quality Coated Ivory Finish Letterheads. We use the finest materials, including top standard inks and paper, and the latest and most effective printing equipment. Thus you can be sure that you are going to benefit from a superior product.

However, whilst we may place an extremely strong emphasis on quality, we also endeavor to bring as much value to the consumer as possible. This is why we have worked really hard to offer cheap rates on all of our products. This is definitely the case when it comes to our Coated Ivory Finish Letterheads. They are available for £78 per 500 letterheads, which equates to less than 16p per letterhead! If that wasn’t enough, we also have amazing discounts available for those buying in greater amounts, as well as free shipping for customers that spend over £150 on site.

Artwork Preparation Specification
Artwork Format JPG, TIFF, PNG, or Print Ready PDF (PDF/X-1A:2001)
Bleed 3mm on all sides
Colour Mode CMYK
Colour Profile ISO Coated v 2
Design Size (216 x 303)mm
Resolution 300dpi
Print and Finish Specification
Finish Coated Ivory
Finish Size (210 x 297)mm
Paper Weight 130gsm
Printing Technology Digital Lasergraphy / Offest Litography

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