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Double Sided Uncoated Business Cards are the obvious choice for anyone that wishes to incorporate a considerable amount of information on their card. The double-sided nature of the card is not the only attribute that makes it suitable for a greater amount of text. The fact that the card is uncoated also helps, as it makes it easy to read in any type of light. You don’t have to worry about glare spoiling visibility, as can happen with coated products.

We are confident you will be more than happy with the Double Sided Uncoated Business Cards you purchase from Paper Colour. We couple our many years of experience with the best materials and equipment to guarantee the greatest possible service. All of our Double Sided Uncoated Business Cards are made from strong 400-gsm paper and we use the finest inks and the most effective printing equipment as well.

But don’t worry; these high levels of quality do not come at a high cost to you! It costs a mere £75 to purchase 500 of these business cards from Paper Colour. That works out at 15p per card! The news gets even better for those that are buying in even larger quantities, as we have fantastic discounts available. So, what are you waiting for? Upload your artwork, select the quantity of business cards you require, and let us wow you with our incredible service. These business cards will undoubtedly take your company to the next level!

Artwork Preparation Specification
Bleed 3mm on all sides
Colour Mode CMYK
Colour Profile ISO Coated.V2
Design Size (61x91)mm
Printer Marks No printer marks required
Resolution 300dpi
Print and Finish Specification
Finish Uncoated
Finish Size (85x55) mm
Paper Weight 400gsm / 450micron
Printing Technology Offset Lithography

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