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Letterheads are your company’s stationary. People will judge the professionalism of them and they have a direct impact on how your business is viewed as a whole. Thus, it is so important to make sure you get your letterheads right. Not only do they need to look great but they need to be of a high quality as well. After all, you don’t want to give off the impression that your business is cheap and of a poor standard.

This is something you definitely do not need to worry about if you buy Brilliant White Uncoated Letterheads from Paper Colour. The uncoated nature of this product gives off an elegant, professional and prestigious feel, which is exactly what you want from your letterheads. It also makes them easy to read, no matter how strong the light is, and this is very important when you consider the fact that a lot of text could potentially be printed on the paper.

We are sure you will be more than happy with the Premium White Satin Finish Letterheads you receive from Paper Colour. Not only do they look great, but also they are available at surprisingly cheap rates and boast exceptionally high levels of quality. As you can see, it costs a mere £68 for 500 letterheads. This works out at less than 14p per letterhead. If that was not enough, you can make your money go further by buying in larger amounts, as we have excellent discounts available. Yet, don’t let these low costs fool you. We have a great reputation for providing the highest levels of quality. We only use the best paper, inks and printing equipment, and thus you can be confident you will be more than happy with the products you receive.

Artwork Preparation Specification
Artwork Format JPG, TIFF, PNG, or Print Ready PDF (PDF/X-1A:2001)
Bleed 3mm on all sides
Colour Mode CMYK
Colour Profile ISO Coated v 2
Design Size (216 x 303)mm
Resolution 300dpi
Print and Finish Specification
Finish Coated Brilliant White
Finish Size (210 x 297)mm
Paper Weight 120gsm
Printing Technology Digital Lasergraphy / Offset Lithography

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