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If you are looking to make a big visual impression, our Gloss Coated A5 Portraits 32pp Booklets are definitely a recommended option. The shiny finish is assured to attract attention because of its luxurious appearance and feel. Moreover, the gloss coating really helps to bring out the best of the colours used, making them appear brighter and more vibrant. It is not all about visual benefits either, this is an extremely practically option, as Gloss Coated A5 Portraits 32pp Booklets are less likely to be effective by wear, moisture and dirt.

Combine these characteristics with our high levels of quality and experience and there is no way you are going to be disappointed. Paper Colour has been providing outstanding printing services for over ten years now. We only use the best materials here, such as top standard paper and the finest inks, as well as the latest and most effective printing equipment. When the Gloss Coated A5 Portraits 32pp Booklets arrive at your front door we are sure you will be amazed.

From showcasing products to training manuals, these booklets are ideal for a whole host of purposes. They are also suited to all budgets as well. Despite offering such exceptional levels of quality, our prices are extremely competitive. Our prices start from £55 for 100 booklets. Where else are you going to find such great rates for the amount of quality we provide? The only thing you need to do now is upload your artwork, select how many pages you want printed and how many booklets you need, and we will take it from there!

Artwork Preparation Specification
Bleed Spreads : 3mm on all sides or Pages : 3mm on top, bottom and outer side.
Colour Mode CMYK
Colour Profile ISO Coated V.2
Design Size Spreads : (216x308)mm or Pages (216x151)mm
Resolution 300dpi
Print and Finish Specification
Finish Gloss coated
Finish Size (210x148)mm
Paper Weight 130gsm
Printing Technology Offset Lithography

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