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The A4 Matt Laminated Presentation Folders we sell are extremely popular. The matt finish creates a look that is unique and striking and is especially great for those wanting a black and white folder. Not only is it attractive on the eye, but smooth to touch and very practical as well. You don’t have to worry about smudges, nor do you need to handle your folders with a lot of care. Visibility is not an issue either, as is typically the case with other coated folders. With other finishes the glare can often make it difficult for people to see the folder properly. Yet this is something you do not have to worry about with our premium quality A4 Matt Laminated Presentation Folders.

You can rest assured that we only use the best equipment and the best materials when creating our A4 Matt Laminated Presentation Folders. We don’t sell anything on our website that we would not be happy to use ourselves. This is why our presentation folders are all made with top standard paper and the finest inks. We also have a great selection of the latest and most efficient printing equipment at our disposal. Couple this with our many years of experience in the industry and impeccable reputation, and you can be sure our A4 Matt Laminated Presentation Folders will exceed your expectations.

We have also worked extremely hard to bring as much value to our customers as possible; this is why all of our products are priced at competitive rates. Prices for our A4 Matt Laminated Presentation Folders begin at £180 for 250 folders. However, the more folders you purchase the cheaper the price becomes per unit, as we have some exceptional discounts available.

Artwork Preparation Specification
Artwork Format JPG, TIFF, PNG, or Print Ready PDF (PDF/X-1A:2001)
Bleed 3mm on all sides
Colour Mode CMYK
Colour Profile ISO Coated V.2
Design Size (216x303)mm
Resolution 300dpi
Print and Finish Specification
Finish Matt Laminated
Finish Size (210x297)mm
Paper Weight 350gsm
Printing Technology Offset Lithography

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